From substitute teacher to certified educator.
We’ve got you.

Your opportunity to level the playing field.

Pursuing a career in education is downright daunting. You rack up student debt and get thrown into the classroom with little real-world training. TeachStart is here to change that. Our innovative earn-and-learn programs have been designed to help aspiring educators with a college degree get ahead in life, not fall behind in loans. If you’re passionate about teaching but need a viable pathway to making it a reality, TeachStart is your way forward towards accreditation.

Teach Start Substitute Teacher Pink background
Teach Start Pink background

Why Teachstart Matters.

Why Teachstart matters 100k

Shortage of teachers across the country

Why Teachstart matters 50%

Substitute vacancies unfilled each day

Why Teachstart matters 33%

Teachers in or entering retirement age

We're tackling it head on

Our vision and mission.

America’s education system is in a state of crisis. 
A serious shortage of quality teachers—and a lack of equal opportunity to become a teacher—is leading to catastrophic consequences. 
But we can reverse the damage if we act fast.

TeachStart is here to close the gap in the number of teachers America needs, compared to what we have now. We know without fair access to professional training, employment and licensing pathways, the situation will only get worse. We are not okay with that reality.

TeachStart tackles the problem head-on by providing those who dream of a career in teaching with a unique certification pathway. It comes with hands-on experience and significant support, plus a salary with benefits from day one.

Proudly backed by the team at Scoot Education, TeachStart has the credibility, authority, and years of expertise to change the industry for the better.

Launch your career. Without burnout or debt.

A salary while you study helps you beat the odds and breaks down any obstacles standing in your way of the classroom. Make everlasting change for yourself and the next generation of students.

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A realistic way forward

Just when you thought it wasn’t possible, TeachStart provides an equitable way to access a teaching career.

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A valuable jumpstart

Our focus on practical experience means you’ll graduate workplace-ready with strong employment prospects.

Teach Start Lauch your career
Teach Start Lauch your career step three

A future of your own

Have you always dreamed of a better work-life balance? A formal certification with TeachStart can help you get there.

Teach Start Lauch your career step four

A brighter tomorrow

Apply your knowledge and skills to make a positive impact and raise the standard of teaching in American schools.

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Our pathways

Whether you’re an undergraduate, a career changer, or already working in education in a support role, you can choose from our two programs below.


Best For:

For those who have little to no teaching experience but want to develop skills while earning a salary with zero cost benefits.


Become a servant leader and active contributor in your local community while exploring a substitute teaching career with a variety of partner schools.


10 month duration

Pay Rate:

Full-time subbing 5 days per week plus paid holidays

Financial cost:

Get paid to train and build confidence in the classroom with zero out of pocket costs.

Teach Start Our Pathways Blue Sparkles


Best For:

For those who are committed to a full-time teaching career but need help getting started without breaking the bank.


Make a supported career move from substitute teaching to full-time and enter the workforce without the burden of thousands of dollars in debt.


2 years duration

Pay Rate:

Full-time subbing with 1 paid study day every 2 weeks plus paid holidays

Financial cost:

Get paid to train and earn a California credential with a maximum of $4,000 out of pocket costs. T&Cs apply.

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Becoming a TeachStart fellow

TeachStart provides the perfect launchpad into teaching for those with a college degree. 
When it comes to education, we’re all about investing in YOU.

Note: You'll apply on our application software, Fountain. Hitting "Submit" simply means you're starting the app process.

Step 1

Teach Start Teachstart fellow apply


Apply online and we’ll go through a simple screening process to see if you meet our program requirements.

Step 2

Teach Start Teachstart fellow join

Join our next fellowship

Become a part of an upcoming cohort, hosted every 6 months with around 30 aspiring educators per group.

Step 3

Teach Start Teachstart fellow start

Start your new teaching career

Get paid to start training and build real-world experience as part of your Scholar or Scholar+ program at local schools.